Large number of brownfield sites

Europe’s industrial history produced many environmentally impaired sites that have often been overlooked by developers 

The European Environmental Agency (EEA) estimates that there are as many as 2.5 million potentially contaminated sites across Europe as a result of former and current industrial and military activities1. If left abandoned, these sites pose significant environmental and health risks. 


Many of these sites are located within urban boundaries and/or are well connected to public transport2. As such, they offer a competitive alternative to greenfield developments and an opportunity to undertake sustainable urban regeneration initiatives.

We also have a new requirement for sites in the UK separately from our current funds. (Download pdf)

European Environmental Agency, EU39 (1994 – 2019): Progress in management of contaminated sites
2 European Commission (2013) – Science for the Environment Thematic issue on Brownfield Regeneration (#39)